3 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Car

grey Nissan Maxima with a dented hood

There’s a few things to carefully consider when thinking about selling your used car. Used cars in the United States have an average mileage of over 144,000 miles, which is significantly more than the global average of 29,375 miles. Since we spend so much time in our cars, we tend to develop close bonds with our cars, and as such, it can be difficult to let go.  Would you like a No-Obligation price offer for your used vehicle? Click here : Get my car price offer

However, selling a car is all about timing. After a certain period, keeping an old car running becomes costlier than replacing it. Selling a car that’s only a few years old will definitely return most of the money you spent when you originally bought your vehicle.

There are multiple reasons why people chose to bear huge maintenance and repair bills is finding a buyer for any car is a huge hassle in itself. Also the expense of repairs compared to the expense of a new or newer car or truck. This is where Cash4Carz comes in. Regardless of the condition of your car, we’ll buy it and pay you cash for your used car on the spot. Keep in mind, we also buy cars and trucks that you may still owe money on. We can pay off your car loan in minutes and give you the balance of the price in cash.
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Now, returning to our original question: when do you know it’s time to sell your car? Well, here are three signs.

The Repair Bills Are Growing Bigger By the Month

It really depends on the type of vehicle you have, some vehicles like toyotas, hondas, nissans and car brands tied to those car brands can tend to be more dependable vehicles. Cars that are in good nick don’t have to be taken to the gaarage for reasons other than routine oil changes and periodic services. Cars that have lived their useful life, on the other hand, tend to become unreliable and require constant repairs. Whether it’s a juddering steering wheel or an engine misfire, you’ll be making regular trips to the mechanic. If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on car repairs every month, it’s probably best to bid farewell to your old car. 

It’s Getting Rustier By The Day

Rust is like cancer for cars. In addition to spoiling the car’s look, rust also compromises its structural integrity, making it unsafe for road use. Moreover, a car that has major rust issues is highly unlikely to pass the periodic vehicle safety inspection. Therefore, selling it is probably the wisest decision. 

It Has a Bad Safety Rating

Although most car accidents in the United States result in minor damage such as bent fenders and broken indicator lenses, some are quite serious. Modern vehicle safety features such as airbags and electronic stability control can be the difference between life and death. 

If you drive an old car, it’s highly unlikely to have any of the aforementioned safety features.

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