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Serving New Jersey, New York Area

We provide a Car Buying Service that comes right to your location in New Jersey & New York Area

Sell Your Car, Truck or Van Today!  We buy your car in AS IS condition


TEXT Details & Pictures and get a quote fast!

IPHONE USERS: 201.400.3563 or ANDROID USERS: 646.832.5748



"Using the right service to sell your car, could mean gaining or loosing hundreds or thousands of dollars...

" We're committed to earning your business and giving you unmatched service to sell your car, truck or van! 

             Considering options on the best way to sell your car or truck?  This whole process could be confusing!  Many people don't understand how involved a correct evaluation of any car or truck really is.  It's more complex then what any website promises it is!  You could be thinking, this is a great cash offer I'm getting for my car, only to discover that it wasn't the actual price offer for your car!  When you're shopping for a good place to sell your car, everyone is thinking..Is this the best place to sell my car?  We do our best to remove all the guess work and the headache and frustration that comes with selling a car yourself,using the right service to sell your car is critical.

Let us earn your business! When you use one of our car buyers in New Jersey or New York, there is no dealing with people who are uncertain about what your used car is or the price your car is worth. no need to put ads online and most importantly we not only save you time, we offer a fair price!

 If you agree to our offer, we'll set up a time that works for you, we'll come and meet you to examine your car, We can buy your car in as-is condition!  We have served thousands of customers who trust us with their car selling process and call us every time they need to sell a car for a reason! Giving you the most convenient service to sell your used car, truck or van that exist in our area!

Whether your car is financed or you own your car.  Every car we buy from our clients we buy in AS-IS condition! Please give us the opportunity to make you our best offer, before you sell your car or truck.


Our easy 3 step process - Have cash delivered to you for your car, truck, or van!      

 Call 888-410-1000 to get a quote right over the phone or through our website contact form.

It’s easy to get started and it’s free! Just give us a call (888-410-1000) or ( 800-573-2279 ) to get a fast quote or use our online form.  If you want a very accurate price quote, check out our how it works page, you will find example pictures on the how it work page, once you text or email pictures of your car along with the vin number, we will call you with a accurate price quote for your used car. Whether your car is $1,000. or $100,000. we will buy your car, financed or owned in"as is" condition.

We can pay off your car loan,usually within minutes.

                                 PLEASE NOTE   if you still owe money on your car loan,be very careful with who you trust to pay off your car loan, search online for complaints about any company you are about to sell your car to, this can save you allot of time and hassle, when you have a lien or a car loan that still needs to be paid in order to have a clear title, " you still owe money on your car loan" There are companies that don't care about protecting your good standing in your credit, that will not handle paying off your car loan correctly or in a timely manner.  When you deal with cash4carz.com, we pay off your car loan together, this way you know it was done correctly, your bank will verify your loan has been paid while we are making the deal and while we are buying your car. Our company has no online complaints or bad reviews. We handle every transaction in a perfect simple way.                   

* You do not need to clean or fix anything at all with your used car or truck.


We setup an appointment to meet you.......We'll meet you at your bank, home or work place!

Whether you live in New Jersey or New York, Maybe you live in one of the 5 boroughs of New York or North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey or the Jersey Shore Area    We will come to you to buy your used car, truck or van. We could be in your area right now buying a car from one of your neighbors. Then you pick where you want us to meet you, we commonly meet customers at their local bank or we can meet you at your home or work place. It's only a 15 minute procedure, your dealing with a professional service that understands exactly what your car is and what its worth. We come prepared with cash or certified bank check ready to buy your car, any business we do will be discussed and planned in advance of your appointment.

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