How Much is My Car Worth?

How much is my car worth? This is one of the first things you might research before deciding about buying or selling a vehicle. But the question of how much any car is worth depends on a few important things. The demand for a certain vehicle you’re either buying or selling in the current market. And the condition of your used car, truck, or van, has to be considered as well. . Because when you’re determining the value of your used vehicle on KBB, remember those prices are based on vehicles that are in good condition. Those KBB prices are also based on vehicles that are market-ready and free of needing repairs. Car prices on sites like KBB are usually based on vehicles within a certain mileage range. Get an offer for your car, truck, or van today here—estimated Price Quote.

Using The Mind Of The Person Buying Your Vehicle

Thinking about what price your car is worth? Make a list of any repairs your vehicle may need. Make a list of estimated costs of all repairs your vehicle will need. It’s also a good idea to use a carfax or auto-check report. This will tell you if your vehicle has any prior accidents. Carfax reports usually have some maintenance records from mechanics who have worked on your vehicle.  After you have a list of any repairs and the estimated costs of the repairs, use that total estimated costs of repairs and deduct it from the estimated price of your vehicle found on a site like KBB. Doing this calculation of deducting from that initial KBB car price will give you an estimated actual price. Used car dealerships and places like our cash for cars delivery service use this calculation to determine a price offer for your used vehicle.

Get A Free CarFax Report Edmunds – How much is my car worth?                                                                                                                     KBB- What’s My Car Worth Consumer Reports Trade-In & Market Value Tool


How To Use KBB, Edmunds Car Prices

        Most people start using these online guides you’ll find above to give them a rough estimate of how much their used car, truck, or van is worth. Most people don’t understand that price is based on vehicles that might be in perfect condition and within a certain mileage allowance range. Some of these used car price guides online may be based on New car trade-in prices, which can vary from the cash value of a car, truck, or van. Please let us help with any questions you might have. Whether you sell your car to our service or not, we’re here to help you: call, click, or text with any questions you may have. Use our experience to get an edge on negotiating your next vehicle deal.

Your price proof that we paid the highest price for your car

We provide all our customers with real-time auction results from the exact time you’re selling your car. We show our customers proof of why we are offering a certain price for every vehicle we buy.  Think about it, how do you know you’re really getting the best price for your used car or truck? Our service reps will show you and explain the reason for the price we’re offering you while we’re examining your vehicle for a final appraisal. Then you decide if you’re ready and pleased with our price offer.