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We provide a Car Buying Service that comes right to your location in New Jersey & New York Area

Sell Your Car, Truck or Van Today!  We buy your car in AS IS condition


TEXT Details & Pictures and get a quote fast!

IPHONE USERS: 201.400.3563 or ANDROID USERS: 646.832.5748


Free Service, NO Hidden Charges or Surprise Fee's!

STEP 1: You call us at either Call 888.410.1000 or fill out our quote form

We start by asking questions about your car, truck or van....whether your car-truck has mechanical issues, body or damage on your car, the miles, the make and exact equipment your car has, We start by asking you all these details about your car, truck or van.

  • The year
  • The make and model
  • The Miles
  • The condition

Whether there is damage on your car, or it's a perfect car with low miles. This saves
both parties time. Describing all the details about your car, truck or van helps us determine the best possible price we can offer you for your car, truck or van.


STEP 2:  We set an appointment

Prior to setting an appointment, we ask if possible, that you send us pictures of your car, truck or van. This step also saves both parties time.

Please send us the following pictures *  after we've confirmed with you that we are going to buy your vehicle, send these pictures :








These pictures will give our buyers give us the tools to make you a very exact offer!


  • Our specialty service is we come out to your local bank, your home or office, your choice and time.
  • We can arrange bringing you home, after we buy your vehicle
  • Please visit our contact page for a list of locations, be certain to schedule a appointment, this way your money is ready for you,
  • Perhaps we need to help you pay off your car loan, financed car? we can help!
  •  You will find dealing with cash4carz is a pleasant service in selling your car.
  • We are very friendly and professional. We proudly provide the best car selling experience you will ever find anywhere!


STEP 3:  We buy your car, truck or van

  • Takes us roughly 20 minutes for us to inspect your car, truck or van and the ownership papers / certificate of title
  • Negotiate a final price
  • This is a safe & free service, your never obligated to sell us your car, truck or van if you are not satisfied with our offer
  • If we agree on a fair price, we pay you on the spot in cash or bank check or pay off your financed car loan within minutes right over the phone with your financed company.
  • We remove your plates and you remove all your personal items from your car
  • We drive the vehicle away or make arrangements to have it towed away
  • We provide you with a receipt stating we bought your car, truck or van in "as is" condition
  • You will never have any liability in dealing with our service


You're done! Your car, truck or van was sold in 25 minutes or less!