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The Best Place To Sell Your Used Cars, Trucks, Vans | Cash4Carz

Welcome to Cash4Carz, the best place online to sell your used car, truck or van!      No Games, No Nonsense Transaction!

We take great pride in the fact we never lie or mislead our customers. We buy all makes and models of cars, trucks, family vans and cargo vans. This service is available in NJ, NY.

               Hello! Thank you for reading about our Mobile car buying service! We are”Cash4Carz”, the original car buying service for the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. We started this business in 1984. In this day and age, many people are just too busy to sell their used car, truck or van on their own. It takes a lot of time to run an ad, then show the car (if the person even shows up!). Then you'll have companies that see your ad, and call you, trying to entice you to sign up with them, and they will sell your car 'for a fee'. Maybe your used car, truck or van is financed, and you don’t know how to sell a financed vehicle. Some people won’t buy a financed vehicle because they have to wait for the seller to pay the car off and get the title, which can take weeks. Or maybe your used car, truck or van needs mechanical or body work. Whatever the case is, we are here! We will buy your car ‘as is’, meaning you don’t have to do any mechanical or body work. We will buy your car even if it is financed. We purchase all makes and models from 1999 and newer. Contact us prior to selling your car, truck or van,call 1-800-573-2279.  We will give you a price quote on the phone, right then and there.  Then we will come to you with cash and buy your car, truck or van in ‘as is’ condition. We will also bring a driver to drive your car to our lot, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home for any reason.

Go ahead and Google us, or search under Yahoo! Locals…or just go right to our website.
You’ve looked at the rest, now see the best! We take pride in satisfying our customers. We rely on repeat business and referrals.

Thank you for reading about our company.





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How to search online to sell your car, truck, van in New Jersey -New York

How to search for businesses in your area 

Cash4Carz.Com - Your cash for cars in NJ service at your doorstep! 800.573.2279


" How to search for goods and services online in a exact perfect way"


                     Are you searching online to try sell your used car, truck, vanWe buy cars2004 And Newer. We buy older nice running cars, that we can re sell as well. We do NOT buy junk cars, please call 800.573.2279 for more information to see if we can help you, or at the very least give you the proper route to persue in selling your used car, truck, van. Cash4Carz.Com, since 1984 Buying and selling used cars, trucks.Get the best PRICE to sell your car in the tri state area. Here is what most people that search online do not know. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, can give you the exact results your looking for wherever you live. Here is a perfect example, let's say you live in Jersey City, NJ. If you type in these keywords in your search bar on Google or Bing "sell my car in Jersey city nj" you will come up with businesses in your exact area. People who use a computer to search for goods and service may not realize that you can also use a tool called, or Bingmaps.comYahooLocal.comthese are local search engines that will give you search results for only businesses in your exact area. These local search engines may have a pop up window, when you search and it may say " google would like your permission to use your location, obviously click ok, then you'll see all these results for goods and services will be in your exact area where you live. Something to remember >> VERY IMPORTANT << many users do not realize that some local businesses may not be giving you the best service or price your looking for, you may want to use other results that may not be in your exact area but may be in your exact state and within a reasonable distance from where you live. Many people also may not realize how search engines work, example lets say your searching for a business like oursCash4Carz.Com, You type in these keywords in your search bar " sell my car in NJ" take a good look at this page. On the top, the right side and the bottom of most search engines, in these spots on ever page that you search these are ad's paid for advertisements by companies trying to gain your business, the middle area is called the organic search results, these results may or may not be businesses or information in your area or the exact thing your looking for. In most cases these organic results are the most relevant to your search online in this case to sell your car in NJ. Remember to try using both results ad's from companies and the organic results to shop for things like buying or selling a new or used cr truck, again this is one topic out of a billion things to search for. Thank you for taking the time to read our article, happy surfing online, hope you learned something from our blog.

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Sell My Car Queens NY | Cash For Cars Queens | We Buy Cars- Queens- We Come To You

Sell My Car Queens NY | Cash For Cars Queens | We Buy Cars- We Come To You

We buy cars we come to you in Queens, new york ready to buy your car, truck or van with cash, we can pay off your financed loan on your new, used car. Whether your car cost $1,000, or $50.000. We have car buyers, ready at a moments notice!





Cash4Carz.Com-We come to you!

PRLog - Mar. 10, 2014 - BAYSIDE, N.Y. -- Hello everyone in Queens, new york...or anywhere in the area of new york, or new jersey. We can either visit you at a location of your choice or time that works for your busy shedule. We will meet you at your local bank, your work place, your home, we bring cash in hand ready to buy your used car! Call 800.573.2279 or click for your cars price quote online

         You also have the option of going to one of many locations in Long Island, new york, Manhattan, new york city, 4 locations in new jersey, paterson, new jersey, Garfield, new jersey, Morristwn new jersey including Newark new jersey, fairfield, hackensaxk new jersey.

         We have been buying and selling used cars for over 31 years, it takes us minutes to give you a car price value, car trade in vales, car retail values right over the phone, and in person. We DO NOT bring all kinds of testing equipment, computers, ect. We do not perform a circus act in front of your neighbors, co-workers it takes us 10-25 minutes A-Z simple process, cash transactions. We handle any paperwork, including handling your financial loan!

         Selling your used car may not just be easy, you may be really surprized at the prices we buy cars for, we provide every customer with proof in the price we offer. We provide every customer with a receipt stating that we bought your used car in AS IS condition, there is never recourse or hassle about existing problems your car may have or mechanical things your car could need in a few days from our company buying your car.

         When you sell your car to Cash4Carz.Com, your dealing with a real company, fully insured and bonded in New York and New Jersey. You'll never have any liability in dealing with our car buying service. Regardless of any accidents whether it be on your property or while test driving your car, we value our customers business so much creating problems for anyone, regardless of any accident is just not our style!

         If your ready to sell your used car or maybe you just want to know what your used car, new car is worth, maybe you need advise on all your options in selling your used car in New York, New Jersey area. We can provide car selling details in many options you have in trying to sell your used car in New York, New Jersey area. Why do we give advise without any motive? Simple, if you can't sell your car, you'll perhaps deal with our company, or refer us to a customer who needs our car buying service in New Jersey, New York Area.
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Best price for your used car | Price Proof | Sell your car for cash today!

The difference in the right cash for cars service in

                      New Jersey- New York


       Sell your car right from your home, your office, we will even meet you at your bank!


                             We are one of the very first original mobile car buying service In New Jersey and New York.  We have been in business for over 30 years for a reason, because we step up for our customers, we value your business, and have many loyal customers that continue to deal with our service, people know when they are getting a fair deal to sell their used cars-trucks-vans. We go a extra step further and do things other dealerships won't and can't! We show every customer PRICE PROOF! 

 What's price proof, we use concrete data real time auction reports to show our customers exact prices, this way there's no mystery or feelings of regret when you sell your car!

customers want to know for a fact, they were treated fairly, we give our customers that experience!

We will give you a fair price quote over the phone, on how much we will pay you for your used car, truck or van, then come to you and pay you cash. All in the same day.

We provide a same day service that will save time, money and aggravation when selling your used car, truck or van. We started this business in 1984, when we saw that people were just too busy with life, to clean up their car, run an ad, and then show that car they were trying to sell. People complained that when they ran an ad to show their car, they would have numerous no shows; also it cost too much to fix up and clean their cars. They wanted to sell and sell quick, and hassle free. Hence, Cash4carz was born! Just one quick call to 1-800-573-2279, and answer a few short questions about the used car, truck or van you want to sell, and we'll give you a quote. Within a couple of hours we will be at the location that YOU specify, with cash in hand, and we will drive your car away! It's THAT simple! You just sold your car, got the money you want, and never left the comfort of your home or office. We pay the best prices for used cars, truck and all kinds of vans, due to the high demand we have for them. You don't even have to fix anything on your car, truck or van,we'll do that! Note: we don't buy junk cars.  If you prefer, you can visit our website at, and contact us through the website for a price quote. it can't get any easier than this! So don't hesitate any longer, call 1-800-573-2279 or visit us at today!


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Chasing A False Offer - When You Sell Your Used Car- Truck

               The Huge Difference In Dealing With The Right Car Buyer In Your Area

                                       Used Car Buyers- Dealerships In New Jersey- New York                        


Just go on the internet and type in “car dealerships”, and see how many pages pop up. Plenty, I’ll bet  BUT…all dealerships are NOT the same! 
Many dealerships display their new cars in a showroom, while used, or ‘pre-owned’, sit outside in a special area, called the ‘used car lot’. While visiting a new car dealership may seem like the best place to buy a new car, it may not be the best price you will pay for a used car. The large dealerships do not actually make much money on a new car…the markup is not that high, believe it or not. It’s the USED cars they sell that is their bread and butter, (along with the service department). There is more profit in a used car, than a new car.
Keep in mind that a new car dealership will have a very large overhead: employee payroll, rent, electricity bill, cleaning crew bill, and many other things none of us would really ever think of. They also have to make monthly payments on all those pretty new cars sitting in their lot, waiting to be sold. There are also many laws that they have to abide by, mostly about advertising.
Smaller, “used car lots” do not have this type of overhead. Most of the time there are a minimal amount of employees, and a lot of them could be family. There will be some type of rent (or taxes on an owned building), but nothing like the overhead a large new dealership would incur. They’ll also have the usual electricity, gas, etc. bills, but again, a smaller building equals lesser charges. Many times sales people at small lots are more “personable”…in other words, they are not as apt to stalk you and try to get you to buy, as a larger dealership sales person might do. 
Then there is “Cash4Carz”, a Mobile car buying Service that will give you a REAL price quote right over the phone, and then in one hour or so, be at the location of your choice to purchase your car, with CASH…for the same amount you were quoted! It just can’t get any easier or better than that. We buy used cars, trucks and vans, all makes and models, 1999 and newer. Service available in NJ and NYC.
When you are ready to sell you used car, truck or van, visit our website, call 800-573-2279  or visit our website at We will never mislead you or have you chase an offer that isn’t real. 
Call us now, we’ll be right there!

Articles- Online to protect yourself from scams


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When Your Model Vehicle Was Created

Acura A division of Honda, the Acura was not produced until 1986.

Audi In 1909, August Horch was forced out of the company he had founded,Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH. He started a new company, using his name in Latin.

BMW Founded in 1916 in Germany, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) was started.

Buick It originated as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company in 1899.

Cadillac Henry LeLand founded and named the company in 1902.
Chevrolet Founded by Louis Chevrolet in November 1911.

Chrysler The company was founded by Walter Chrysler on June 6, 1925.

Dodge John and Horace Dodge built the company in 1914.

Ford Henry Ford founded the company in June 1903

GMC General Motors Corp.(GMC) was founded on September 16,1908.

Honda Soichiro Honda founded the company in 1947.

Hyundai The Hyundai Motor Company was established in 1967 by Chung Ju-Yung .

Infiniti A division of Nissan, it was introduced in the United States in 1989.

Isuzu Japans Isuzu started in 1916.

Jaguar In 1922, Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley started Jaguar.

Jeep Jeep is owned by Chrysler, and started in 1941 as “Willys’” (army jeeps).

Kia In June, 1944, Kia was established in Seoul, South Korea.

Land Rover Started in 1947 by Maurice Wilks, a designer at the Rover Company.

Lexus Lexus is made by Toyota, and came out in 1989.

Lincoln Lincoln is a division of Ford, appearing in 1922.

Mazda In 1920, Mazda began as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd, founded in Hiroshima,Japan. The name was formally adopted in 1984.

Mercedes Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer, started in 1926.

Mercury A division of Ford, started in 1938.

Mini Started in 1959, Mini is a small car that was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC).

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi was founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki.

Nissan The Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works was founded in Japan in 1911, by Masujiro Hashimoto. Nissan” originated in the 1930’s.

Oldsmobile Ransom E. Olds founded Oldsmobile in 1897.

Plymouth In 1928, Plymouth was introduced by Walter Chrysler.

Pontiac Albert G. North and Harry G. Hamilton produced a Pontiac in 1902.

Porsche It was founded in 1931 by Professor Ferdinand Porsche.

Saab Created in 1937, Saab was a division of Swedish Airplane Ltd.

Saturn A division of General Motors, Saturn was introduced in 1985.

Scion A division of Toyota, it was introduced in 2002.

Subaru- Kenji Kita manufactured the first car in 1954.

Suzuki- In 1954, Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., was born.

Toyota Kiichiro Toyoda founded Toyota in 1933.

Volkswagon Around 1935, Ferdinand Porsche developed the Volkswagon.

Volvo Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson founded the company in 1915 in Sweden.

Hello! I hope you enjoyed the tid- bit information on who and when your model car,truck or van was born. My Mobile Car Buying Service company was started in 1984, to make it convenient for sellers to sell their vehicles. You just make a quick toll free call,then answer a couple of questions about the car you’re selling, and you’ll get a price quote for it! Then tell us where and when YOU want to meet, and we will be there with CASH for your car! Sell your car, truck, van in AS IS Condition!

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How To Sell Your Used Car In NJ-NY

Blog  | How To Sell Your Used Car In NJ- NY

There are a number of ways to sell your used cars, trucks, vans for cash. One is to run an advertisement, and try to sell it on your own. Of course, this entails a lot of time and work on your part, so if you don’t have the time, it's probably not a good option.

Also is the danger in liability of someone wrecking your car or falling on your property, or returning your car because they're not happy......NO THANK YOU,....why put yourself through that, for a few extra dollars?  Let a professional service take care of buying your used car, truck or van get paid in cash the same day. Whether your car is perfect or not, we can help! Whether your car, truck, van price value is $2,000. or $60,000. we can help you with selling your car, quick and simple! Whether you still owe money on your financed or leased car, we can help! Call the experts, Cash4Carz.Com 800.573.2279




                                                 Between cleaning up and detailing the car, running the ads online, then getting emails and calls from people saying that they will come and look at your car, only to waste your time waiting for them to show up.   Then when you are showing the car, you might end up so tired and frustrated, you may let the car go for less than you want, just to get it over with! I have known people to do this.
Another option would be to let our Mobile Car Buying Service buy it. Just call us at 1-800-573-2279, for a real price quote over the phone, then in an hour or so, we will be at the location of your choice to buy your used car, truck or van. No need to clean it up or detail your used car, truck or van, no need to fix any mechanical or body work on it, we will take your car, truck or van just the way it is, in AS IS condition!  Best part is we show you proof in the price we offer, and we bring cash, whether your used car price value is $2,000. or $60,000. we can handle your transaction in the same day! Still owe money on your car loan? No problem at all, we will pay off your loan, then give you the balance if we owe you extra money in cash on the spot. When we pay off your car, we do this process with you, this way your 100% positive your car loan was handled the right way! 
                                                         We have a high demand for used cars, and we rely on repeat business and referrals, so we would never lie or mislead you into chasing an offer that doesn’t exist. The price we quote you over the phone, is the price in CASH that we hand you when we meet. You never have to leave the comfort of your home or office, to sell you car. WE come to YOU at the location YOU choose. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

                                             Remember, when you are ready to sell your used car, truck or van, call 1-800-573-2279, or 201-400-3563. Or scroll up and fill out a quote request to sell your used cars, trucks, vans today! We promise you that this will be the best car selling experience you’ve ever had! Get cash for your car, truck or van today!


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