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Sell Car For Cash Online Quote

                        Here is a very important question to consider in the way you shop for a place to sell your used car or truck. Would you buy a used car from anyone, let alone a car dealer over the phone?  Would you buy a car or truck and make a price offer for a used car or truck for a vehicle you've never seen in person or taken for a test drive?  No of course not....Exactly! Think about that when you click on a suggested search online like "Sell my car for cash online quote" maybe your thinking..... let me make some calls or fill out this online form from some these places offering to give me a price for my used car. Our company has many clients calling every day asking these questions" what kind of price can I get for my car?  No matter which cash for cars place you call like our company ....We can only give a client a rough price over the phone, in fact  anyone claiming to give a exact price for a used car over a phone call or through a "car for cash online quote" is falsely miss leading someone.  Any online company offering to pay cash for cars or offering a online instant car price quote is not buying a new car without issues. Pictures are not enough to determine value, a car is a mechanical vehicle that has thousands of parts and computers ect. There are so many things you have to be aware of when you buy a car, Some people know this from many personal experiences.

                                            How can anyone know what condition your vehicle is in until anyone of these cash for cars companies examines your car or truck in person. Most places that give what's called a  "car for cash online quote"  or instant cash quote for your car, can not be the exact amount of money they will pay you for your used car, simply because there are so many elements to determine a price value for a used car.  Some people think that a price they see on a computer is what their car is worth, until someone arrives at any given dealership and they have a professional car and truck appraiser examine the car they want to sell. There are so many things that are the equation of what your vehicle is worth. How has your vehicle been maintained?  Everyone takes care of their car or truck differently. When one of our car buyers examines one of your vehicles, we have to determine whether or not a vehicle needs motor work or transmission work, how is the suspension, the wheels, tires, brakes? Does the vehicle have any seepage or leaks? How is the exaughst, muffler? how does the vehicle feel when you drive it? does the steering wheel pull to one side or is it even and straight as the vehicle drives down the road or highway?  If you know what to look for when you examine a car, you can tell how someone took care of a car or truck. When most people shop for a car, people like if a car or truck has a clean appearance, anyone can have a vehicle cleaned or professionally cleaned before you come to look, especially dealers.  Most dealerships like ours, always have most of our cars and trucks detailed, there are some vehicles we get that only need a car wash because they were well kept. When we look at the engine and listen to any noises any car or truck may be making, or the way something feels when we road test a car or truck can tell us what work we may need to repair, to have any car or truck ready for us to re sell. We buy and sell cars and trucks sometimes on our car lot, sometimes we sell cars at car and truck auctions or sometimes if we buy a very clean late model vehicle, we will re sell certain cars and trucks to new car dealers.

Hope you enjoyed reading, check out some other blogs we have here on cash4carz.

thank you

2017 Ford Rapter | Cash4Carz

2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR

(preliminary specifications)

TYPE: Full-size extended-(SuperCab) or crew-cab (SuperCrew) off-road pickup

DRIVE FORMAT: Four-wheel drive

BASE PRICE: N/A (for reference, 2014 model started at $46,190 for a SuperCab, $49,090 for a SuperCrew)

ENGINE: 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V-6

HORSEPOWER: N/A (est.: 450-500 hp)

TORQUE: N/A (est.: more than 434 lb.-ft.)

REQUIRED FUEL: All engines: regular

TRANSMISSION: 10-speed automatic

SUSPENSION: Front: independent coil-over-shock; rear: solid axle leaf springs

BRAKES: Four-wheel disc, ABS, traction control, stability control

EPA MPG: N/A (will improve on current Raptor's 11 city/16 hwy/13 combined)

WHEELBASE: SuperCab: 133 inches; SuperCrew: 145 inches

LENGTH (approx.): SuperCab: 221 inches; SuperCrew: 232 inches


TOWING MAX: N/A (for reference: 2014 Raptor rated 6,000 lbs. for the SuperCab, 8,000 for the SuperCrew)

WHERE BUILT: Dearborn, Mich.



Credit/ Dan  Wiese

We live in an automotive era of consumption-conscious downsizing.

Consequently, it was reasonable for off-road enthusiasts to fear Ford, with the advent of its all-new, more fuel-efficient, aluminum-intensive 2015 F-150, might allow the old, brawny Raptor off-road variant, produced from 2010 to 2014, to go the way of the 45 rpm record. After all, this outgoing bush-whacker, with its 11-mpg EPA city rating, had not been particularly PC.

You can almost hear the conversation between Ford Performance engineers:

Engineer 1: "Should we do another Raptor?"

Engineer 2: "Mmmm, we'll need a quiet place to seriously ponder the pros and cons — moonscape terrain, where no one else can follow and we won't be bothered."

Engineer 1: "We'll need a truck to get there."

Engineer 2: "Let's do a Raptor."


And so they have.

Set to arrive in the fall of 2016, the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, unveiled at last month's Detroit auto show, makes just two hardware concessions to modern sensibilities: its former six-speed automatic is replaced by Ford's first 10-speed (!) automatic, and its fuel-slurping 6.2-liter, 411-hp V-8 has been replaced by a more PC, and inevitably more fuel-efficient, 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. Happily, however, Ford promises this twin-turbo six-pack, compared to the outgoing eight, will develop more horsepower and more torque — between 450 and 500 ponies, and grunt north of the old V-8's 434 lb.-ft.

Geez, if that's what Ford engineers consider a concession, they need to be negotiating treaties for the state department.

Other Raptor off-road equipment includes:

• Meaty 35-inch trail-taming tires.

• Fox Racing shocks with front and rear canisters that grow from 2.5 inches to 3 inches in diameter to enhance Raptor’s already impressive suspension travel of 11.2 inches at the front and 12 inches at the rear.

• More compact bumpers for better approach and departure angles.

• Under-nose skid plating that would make an Abrams M1 battle tank envious.

• Driver-selectable chassis settings that include, along with street modes, a Baja mode for high-speed desert running and a Rock mode for low-speed boulder crawling.

Offered in SuperCab (extended cab) and SuperCrew (crew cab) bodies, Raptor boasts weight-saving "military grade aluminum alloy " body panels, a unique, purpose-built high-strength steel frame, an own-the-road body that's 6 inches wider than a standard F-150 and industrial strength styling.

But don't get excited yet. This guy, alas, is still a year-and-a-half away.

Dan Wiese is a freelance automotive writer 

2016 Ford Shelby GT | Cash4Carz

New 2016 Ford Shelby

Credit: Car & Driver

2016 Mustang GT350’s Chassis and Bodywork Are Incredible 

2016 Ford Mustang GT350

Ford just unveiled the new Mustang Shelby GT350, a ferocious-looking, track-focused thing with all-new adaptive dampers, giant brakes, and Ford’s first-ever flat-crank V-8 engine. The company isn't spilling details on things like horsepower, torque, or price quite yet, but we extracted some additional details from the mighty Mustang's designers and engineers. Here’s what we learned:

By Robert Sorokanich | Photo by Marc Urbano and the Manufacturer

Selling your car online | Market of confusion

                                             Today there are way too many ways to sell your used car which is a good thing because prices have to be competitive, we are very aware that you have many choices when it comes to selling your used car, truck or van. We are also aware of things that confuse people and people that get burned for a true value of what people are buying or selling when it comes to the car business. We can be your advocate in helpping you get the best deal, whether your buying or selling a new or used car.  Some car buying companies like cash4carz online will have you receiving multiple offers from various car companies. Some of them are online auctions. A lot of them charge a hidden fee for this service…hidden meaning you go through the whole process of giving your personal and vehicle information, only to get to the end of a online price quote request where they ask you for a credit card. At that point, even if you back out or click off that site, they still got your information!

                                    According to CarSnopeoes many of these companies have turned out to be scams, so you must always be careful when contacting them and giving your information. This is similar to when you shop online for an insurance quote. You put your information in, and then it connects you with multiple insurance companies. You then get bombarded with calls and emails, usually for a long period of time. Once they have your name and number, it’s all over. Most people don’t go for that because most of the offers you won’t even like. But you will have to deal with them calling and hounding you. Even after you choose a company, they will STILL call you months down the road, trying to get you to change your mind and choose them!
We are not one of those companies. WE buy your used car, truck or van from you; we do not give out your information to others. That is how people end up getting so much spam. The information you give us STAYS with us only. We do not give or sell you information to anyone. You deal with just our company, not numerous others.
Then there are companies that will buy your used car, truck or van, but YOU have to go to THEM…just as you would go to a dealership. They will examine your car, drive it, etc., and then make you an offer….then sometimes lowering it when it comes time to ‘sign the title over’. They also could encourage you to buy a vehicle from them, saying that they will give you more money if you do this. Most people do not want to do this. They are selling their vehicle usually because it may need mechanical repairs, body work, etc., and they do not want to invest in it. They may already have another car, or just want to use the cash to buy a new one.
Why go through the hassle of running an ad to sell your vehicle, then dealing with who knows who coming to examine your car? Then dealing with people who know nothing about what your car is nor have a clue about what your car is even worth, no matter how cheap your selling, people always want to negotiate.

                         By using our service it's just a simple call 800-573-2279. We’ll ask a few questions about the used car, truck or van you want to sell. Then we’ll give you a price quote right over the phone! And the best part? WE come to YOU to pay you CASH and pick up your vehicle. You tell us where to meet you, your home, office, we can even meet you at your local bank. In most cases we can be at your location in an hour. We’ll bring a driver, pay you cash, remove your license plates, we then put on our license plate on your vehicle and drive away! You don’t even have to get dressed, stay in your PJ’s! You never have to leave the comfort of your home to sell you car AND get a great price! We can even provide proof in our pricing of your used car or truck, this way you know you received the correct price for your car!  You won't find a better service in the greater new york- new jersey area then cash4carz!

We buy all makes and models from 2004 and newer in New Jersey and greater New York are. like us on Facebook,
Thank you for reading this article and about our company. Have a wonderful day.





History Of Mercedes Benz | Cash4Carz

History Of Mercedes-Benz                               

Mercedes Benz is a German manufacturer of automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. It’s a division of its parent company, Daimler AG. The name first appeared in 1926 but its origins trace back to Daimler's 1901 Mercedes, and to Karl Benz's 1886 Benz Patent Motor wagen.

Karl Benz's creation of the first petroleum-powered car, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, was patented in January 1886. Gottlieb Daimler and engineer Wilhelm Maybach's converted a stagecoach wagon by the addition of a petroleum engine, later that year.

The Mercedes was actually first marketed in 1901. The brand name vehicles were first produced in 1926, so it’s the world’s oldest automotive brand still here today.  Mercedes-Benz is very well know and established throughout the world.
Besides Germany, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are manufactured in many parts of the world:  Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, India, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria,  Russia, Thailand, and the United States, to name a few.
Mercedes has always maintained its reputation for quality and durability. It has climbed from 25th to 5th place, surpassing even Toyota. They have earned several awards for numerous models.  In 2011, JD Powers ranked Mercedes ‘above average’.
Most popular for its cars, Mercedes also manufactures, buses, vans, trucks and bicycles.
Some interesting model facts:

"4MATIC" means the vehicle is equipped with all-wheel-drive.
"Blue TEC" indicates a diesel engine with selective catalytic reduction exhaust after treatment.
"Blue EFFICIENCY" indicates special fuel economy features (direct injection, start-stop system, aerodynamic modifications, etc.)
"CGI" (Charged Gasoline Injection) indicates direct gasoline injection.
"CDI" (Common-rail Direct Injection) indicates a common-rail diesel engine.
"Hybrid" indicates a gasoline- or diesel-electric hybrid.
"NGT" indicates a natural gas-fueled engine.
"Compressor" indicates a supercharged engine.
"Turbo" indicates a turbocharged engine, only used on A-, B-,Е- and GLK-Class models.
Mercedes has also manufactured hybrid-electric, fully electric, and fuel-cell power train vehicles.



We buy used Mercedes and all other make and model used cars, trucks and vans, 1999 and newer. We pay CASH....we come to you. NJ and NY.


Used Car Dealers in Morris County, New Jersey

We have owned and operated a few used car dealerships in morris county, new jersey as well as other used car dealerships in other counties in new jersey as well as used car dealerships in new york. There is a difference in the way every used car dealer runs their business and deals with customers. We go beyond and above what most car dealers do for their customers in our committment to provide the very best service you'll experience in dealing with our used car dealerships in morris county. We know you have many options in buying and selling new or used cars and trucks, this is why when you deal with our service and our car dealership, you'll want to use our service again and again whenever your ready to buy or sell a new or used car in new jersey or new york. In today's car market in the greater new york area, there are so many choices when it comes to buying and selling a car or truck.

                                   It can really be very confusing, when anyone is buying or selling a car or truck, there are way too many choices and way too many new and used car dealers in new jersey and new york. We are here to answer any questions you may have about buying, selling trading new or used cars, trucks, vans. We offer very reasonable finance options with many banks across new jersey and new york state. We offer car financing for your car loan needs, just give us a call, we're here to help you in any way we can. We can also roll over your existing used car loan into your new car loan, for the new car your looking to buy from one of our car dealerships in morris county or one of our car dealerships in new jersey or car dealerships in new york. We serve the entire state of new jersey and new york. We are affiliated with many new car dealers in new jersey, used car dealers in new jersey,new car dealers in new york, used car dealers in new york, used car dealers even in Manhattan, nyc. We can help you no matter where you are located in new jersey or new york. The best part of our services is that we offer a catered service and we come to your location. We can even conduct business at your local bank, your home or office, where ever it's easiest for you and your busy schedule. We are here to help you buy or sell any new or used car your interested in. Just call today 800.573.2279

Sell Your Car NJ Cash | Cash4Carz

                                                          Our mobile used car buying service has been in business since 1984. At that time there were mostly a few choices people had either sell the car yourself with a for sale sign or go and trade your car in at a new car or used car dealership, also people would put ads in newspappers too.  We  decided to fill a need and create company that drove to anyone in the new jersey, new york area looking to sell their used car,truck or van. At this time, most people that wanted or needed to sell their vehicles drove them to various dealership lots. When someone arrived at a new car or used car dealership a used car appraiser would look over your car, drive it a little, and find everything under the sun wrong with it! Of course the reason for this was so that they could pay you as little cash as possible. Being there weren’t any other choices, this is the route most people went. Same thing if they were buying a newer car; there wasn’t much else to do with it besides trading it in or selling it yourself. Ah, selling it yourself, THAT’S a job in itself! You have to clean up the car really nice (or pay someone to do it….yikes!). The inside needed a good cleaning, the carpets scrubbed, and repairs made to any tears, etc that could be seen. Next you would have to get the car washed and waxed.  It would need to shine inside and out. This could be an all day job, and when you already have a job that you are at all day, when do you find the time to do this? A weekend day, of course.  Most people I know would rather do fun things on weekends, certainly not spiffy up a car to POSSIBLY sell.  After all, most people only have two days off! Next, you need to run an ad. Once you start getting calls, you then have to take time to show the car. That’s if the people that called even show up. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot of time sitting at home, waiting for ‘no shows’. 

                                                                                           So, in 1984, the only real option was to trade it in for a newer vehicle (and get a trade in price), or go through all the trouble to sell it yourself ( to try and get a better price). These thoughts led to us coming up with our Mobile Car Buying Service. We set up an 800 number that people could call once they were ready to sell their used car, truck or van. There’s no charge to the seller this way, we pay for the call. Next the seller would describe the make and model of the car they car selling, and any details about it. We would then give them a car price quote over the phone. If the seller is happy with what we’re offering, we would then go to the location that the seller preferred.  


Sell My Car Ny Cash        |      Sell My Car Nj Cash

                                             We would be there in an hour or so, unless the seller stated another time was better. We would have one of our used car buyers on the road at all times so just a quick call to one would get them there in an hour or so. We could meet a customer at our used car dealership or meet a customer at their home, their office, or anywhere the customer would like our service to meet them, perhaps their local bank. Sometimes people are at work a lot so they would ask us to meet them there. Once we arrived, we would hand the seller cash…yes!  CASH in their hands! We would then bring a driver to drive their car away. The seller would never have to leave the comfort of their home or office, and they would make a sale on their turf! It couldn’t be any easier than that!

Thus, in 1984, Cash4Carz was born! As mentioned above, all you need to do is call 1-800-573-2279. We’ll do the rest! We rely on repeat business and would never lie or mislead our customers. We also would never have customers ‘chase’ an offer that doesn't exist.
Once you are ready to sell you used car, truck or van, please give us a call at our expense, 1-800-573-2279. And don’t worry if your car needs any body work or mechanical work,

          We will buy your used car, truck or van in ‘as is’. condition, no need to fix or repair anything!
Thank you for reading about our company. Hope to hear from you soon!


Sell My Financed Car In NJ, NY Area | Cash4Carz

The easiest way to sell your financed car, truck or van!


              It can become a tricky issue, trying to sell your financed car, truck or van. The biggest problem is that you don’t have the title to hand the buyer, once the transaction is completed. Some people are leary of purchasing a financed vehicle from a private person. Anyone that is buying your financed car, will have to hand you ( the seller) the money, however the paty that is buying the vehicle from you can not register the vehicle yet, until the vehicle is paid for in full and you have the title to present to motor vehicle.  The seller should show proof of the amount he owes the bank. There also has to be some level of trust, to hand over large amounts of money to an ‘unknown person,  then to wait up to six weeks before you can get the title. First, this involves the seller sending the money to their financier. Now the seller needs to be very certain that the buyer sends enough money…if it doesn’t get there by the stated payoff date, it could end up costing more to pay the vehicle off.  Then the bank has to process the payoff and deposit the money. The longest wait is for the bank to clear the title and mark it paid off. Once this is done, it gets placed in the mail. When the seller receives the title, he should hand it over to the buyer because the buyer has already paid for the vehicle, correct?   This is not always the case,some times, the seller tries to keep the vehicle longer, until you threaten to take them to court. What if the seller kept driving the vehicle, and got into an accident with it? Better yet, what if he ran it low on oil and ruined the engine? Who’s out then? Not the seller! He still has ownership of the car (title!), so if the insurance pays it off, it would be to either the seller OR the bank (if they bank has not yet received YOUR money!). At this point, you are out hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars, AND a vehicle! Hence the biggest problem of selling your financed vehicle, is getting a seller to agree to wait, wait, wait for the title. 

                                                                          The best way to sell your financed vehicle is to our Mobile buying company. We have been in business since 1984, in the New Jersey/New York area. You call 1-800-573-2279. Or visit our website at ‘’.  We ask you a couple of questions about your vehicle, and give you a quote. Right over the phone! Within a few short hours (or less), at the location YOU choose, we will be there with cash. CASH! In your hands! We give the best prices on used cars, trucks and vans. We pay cash. And we come to you at the location you prefer!  It just can’t get any easier than that.
Don’t fret if your car needs body or mechanical work. We buy ‘as is’.  We buy all makes and models 1999 and newer. Don’t forget, 1-800-573-2279.


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Sell Your Car For Cash

                                   Selling your car for cash is simple with our company, we can even provide you with proof in the price we offer you for the used car your trying to sell. Selling your car online may seem easy maybe you've heard a friend say to you, yea I sold my car through this website called jackass list. Then you say wow ok, but what about the things my car needs, or what's my car worth? What happens when some creep shows up and takes your car for a test drive and has a accident and ruins your nice car?  What happens when people tell you that they'll definitely be there, then make a excuse that they couldn't show, meanwhile you took time from work to meet this person from Jackass List. These are all the things that can and do happen to good people every day, how do I know? I hear thousands of stories like this from people that call our company Cash4Carz and I hear stories on the nightly news, and it usually involves jackass list. For a few extra dollars is it worth dealing with people telling you why they won't pay what you want for your car, leave that aggravation to us that's our job, please don't be envious. Being a car dealer is a tough thing to do, people sell their cars for reasons, mostly because they need work, There are good deals out there, because many people think I'm just looking to get a few extra dollars for my car, many people think that their car is worth a lot more then it really is to anyone. There are also many people who don't know that their car is worth more then they're asking, then they regret selling the car afterwards when they realize how much money they may have lost. Take all the worries and the guess work out of this math problem you don't need to figure out, let us show you how we value your used car, let us earn your business, let us show you the proof in the price for your car. Sell your car for cash the right way with cash4carz.

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Car Price Offer That's Too Good To Be True ?

 No  Games With Our Companies Service


                   Frustrated and confused over which company to choose to give your business to when your searching online to sell your used car, used truck or van?  

                        ► One of the most important things to do is to read at least 6 reviews of ANY company your about to entrust with your business!  You'll then see that you may think the offer you received to sell your car is real untill you see exactly how some companies miss lead consumers.

        We offer a very special service, however most if not all our competitors in the "cash for cars business" fall very short in the way they deal with customers.  Most "cash for cars buyers in new jersey, new york will promise that they pay in cash, then come up with a excuse when they arrive at your location or if you decide to go to their location to try and sell your used car, truck, van. They may say, our last customer took the last cash we had on hand, and they'll say you can go to the bank, the check is good. This is a extra procedure that isn't something Cash4Carz practices or ever does with our customers, Our business name is exactly what we do with our customers Cash4Carz, pays cash for cars, for the car your looking to sell in new jersey and or new york. Something also very IMPORTANT to consider when your ready to sell or trade in your car, be very careful in this procedure, places out there make offers over the phone or online car price quotes through various car selling websites, that are usually too good to be true so you get in your car and drive out to these used car dealerships to try and get a price or sell your used car, truck or van. Think about this, would you offer any price for a car or truck you never seen in person or test driven?

Answer : NO  Why would any used or new car dealer offer a price online or over the phone then? Bate and switch!  This happens every day in the used car business. Many used car lots in new jersey and new york deceptive practices on customers looking for a good price deal to buy or sell a used or new car.  We do not practice this kind of business, we are a honest straight forward company, that earns peoples trust and repeat business year after year!  Try calling cash4carz to see how we earn your business to sell your car in NJ, NY area.

Hope you learned a lot from this blog tips on- "how to sell your car"








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