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                                                          Our mobile used car buying service has been in business since 1984. At that time there were mostly a few choices people had either sell the car yourself with a for sale sign or go and trade your car in at a new car or used car dealership, also people would put ads in newspappers too.  We  decided to fill a need and create company that drove to anyone in the new jersey, new york area looking to sell their used car,truck or van. At this time, most people that wanted or needed to sell their vehicles drove them to various dealership lots. When someone arrived at a new car or used car dealership a used car appraiser would look over your car, drive it a little, and find everything under the sun wrong with it! Of course the reason for this was so that they could pay you as little cash as possible. Being there weren’t any other choices, this is the route most people went. Same thing if they were buying a newer car; there wasn’t much else to do with it besides trading it in or selling it yourself. Ah, selling it yourself, THAT’S a job in itself! You have to clean up the car really nice (or pay someone to do it….yikes!). The inside needed a good cleaning, the carpets scrubbed, and repairs made to any tears, etc that could be seen. Next you would have to get the car washed and waxed.  It would need to shine inside and out. This could be an all day job, and when you already have a job that you are at all day, when do you find the time to do this? A weekend day, of course.  Most people I know would rather do fun things on weekends, certainly not spiffy up a car to POSSIBLY sell.  After all, most people only have two days off! Next, you need to run an ad. Once you start getting calls, you then have to take time to show the car. That’s if the people that called even show up. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot of time sitting at home, waiting for ‘no shows’. 

                                                                                           So, in 1984, the only real option was to trade it in for a newer vehicle (and get a trade in price), or go through all the trouble to sell it yourself ( to try and get a better price). These thoughts led to us coming up with our Mobile Car Buying Service. We set up an 800 number that people could call once they were ready to sell their used car, truck or van. There’s no charge to the seller this way, we pay for the call. Next the seller would describe the make and model of the car they car selling, and any details about it. We would then give them a car price quote over the phone. If the seller is happy with what we’re offering, we would then go to the location that the seller preferred.  


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                                             We would be there in an hour or so, unless the seller stated another time was better. We would have one of our used car buyers on the road at all times so just a quick call to one would get them there in an hour or so. We could meet a customer at our used car dealership or meet a customer at their home, their office, or anywhere the customer would like our service to meet them, perhaps their local bank. Sometimes people are at work a lot so they would ask us to meet them there. Once we arrived, we would hand the seller cash…yes!  CASH in their hands! We would then bring a driver to drive their car away. The seller would never have to leave the comfort of their home or office, and they would make a sale on their turf! It couldn’t be any easier than that!

Thus, in 1984, Cash4Carz was born! As mentioned above, all you need to do is call 1-800-573-2279. We’ll do the rest! We rely on repeat business and would never lie or mislead our customers. We also would never have customers ‘chase’ an offer that doesn't exist.
Once you are ready to sell you used car, truck or van, please give us a call at our expense, 1-800-573-2279. And don’t worry if your car needs any body work or mechanical work,

          We will buy your used car, truck or van in ‘as is’. condition, no need to fix or repair anything!
Thank you for reading about our company. Hope to hear from you soon!