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                        Here is a very important question to consider in the way you shop for a place to sell your used car or truck. Would you buy a used car from anyone, let alone a car dealer over the phone?  Would you buy a car or truck and make a price offer for a used car or truck for a vehicle you've never seen in person or taken for a test drive?  No of course not....Exactly! Think about that when you click on a suggested search online like "Sell my car for cash online quote" maybe your thinking..... let me make some calls or fill out this online form from some these places offering to give me a price for my used car. Our company has many clients calling every day asking these questions" what kind of price can I get for my car?  No matter which cash for cars place you call like our company ....We can only give a client a rough price over the phone, in fact  anyone claiming to give a exact price for a used car over a phone call or through a "car for cash online quote" is falsely miss leading someone.  Any online company offering to pay cash for cars or offering a online instant car price quote is not buying a new car without issues. Pictures are not enough to determine value, a car is a mechanical vehicle that has thousands of parts and computers ect. There are so many things you have to be aware of when you buy a car, Some people know this from many personal experiences.

                                            How can anyone know what condition your vehicle is in until anyone of these cash for cars companies examines your car or truck in person. Most places that give what's called a  "car for cash online quote"  or instant cash quote for your car, can not be the exact amount of money they will pay you for your used car, simply because there are so many elements to determine a price value for a used car.  Some people think that a price they see on a computer is what their car is worth, until someone arrives at any given dealership and they have a professional car and truck appraiser examine the car they want to sell. There are so many things that are the equation of what your vehicle is worth. How has your vehicle been maintained?  Everyone takes care of their car or truck differently. When one of our car buyers examines one of your vehicles, we have to determine whether or not a vehicle needs motor work or transmission work, how is the suspension, the wheels, tires, brakes? Does the vehicle have any seepage or leaks? How is the exaughst, muffler? how does the vehicle feel when you drive it? does the steering wheel pull to one side or is it even and straight as the vehicle drives down the road or highway?  If you know what to look for when you examine a car, you can tell how someone took care of a car or truck. When most people shop for a car, people like if a car or truck has a clean appearance, anyone can have a vehicle cleaned or professionally cleaned before you come to look, especially dealers.  Most dealerships like ours, always have most of our cars and trucks detailed, there are some vehicles we get that only need a car wash because they were well kept. When we look at the engine and listen to any noises any car or truck may be making, or the way something feels when we road test a car or truck can tell us what work we may need to repair, to have any car or truck ready for us to re sell. We buy and sell cars and trucks sometimes on our car lot, sometimes we sell cars at car and truck auctions or sometimes if we buy a very clean late model vehicle, we will re sell certain cars and trucks to new car dealers.

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