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Just go on the internet and type in “car dealerships”, and see how many pages pop up. Plenty, I’ll bet  BUT…all dealerships are NOT the same! 
Many dealerships display their new cars in a showroom, while used, or ‘pre-owned’, sit outside in a special area, called the ‘used car lot’. While visiting a new car dealership may seem like the best place to buy a new car, it may not be the best price you will pay for a used car. The large dealerships do not actually make much money on a new car…the markup is not that high, believe it or not. It’s the USED cars they sell that is their bread and butter, (along with the service department). There is more profit in a used car, than a new car.
Keep in mind that a new car dealership will have a very large overhead: employee payroll, rent, electricity bill, cleaning crew bill, and many other things none of us would really ever think of. They also have to make monthly payments on all those pretty new cars sitting in their lot, waiting to be sold. There are also many laws that they have to abide by, mostly about advertising.
Smaller, “used car lots” do not have this type of overhead. Most of the time there are a minimal amount of employees, and a lot of them could be family. There will be some type of rent (or taxes on an owned building), but nothing like the overhead a large new dealership would incur. They’ll also have the usual electricity, gas, etc. bills, but again, a smaller building equals lesser charges. Many times sales people at small lots are more “personable”…in other words, they are not as apt to stalk you and try to get you to buy, as a larger dealership sales person might do. 
Then there is “Cash4Carz”, a Mobile car buying Service that will give you a REAL price quote right over the phone, and then in one hour or so, be at the location of your choice to purchase your car, with CASH…for the same amount you were quoted! It just can’t get any easier or better than that. We buy used cars, trucks and vans, all makes and models, 1999 and newer. Service available in NJ and NYC.
When you are ready to sell you used car, truck or van, visit our website, call 800-573-2279  or visit our website at We will never mislead you or have you chase an offer that isn’t real. 
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