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* Most vehicles we buy are 2007 & Much Newer.


 * Please note we buy nice older vehicles that we can resell, fill out a online quote request, see if we can help with buying your vehicle today.  Whether your car is valued price is $1,500, or $40,000. We are ready to buy your used car in AS IS Condition today!

Whether we buy your car or not, we give all our customers advise on how to sell your car!

Price proof, easy transaction, safe service. Whatever reason you're trying to get cash for your car and you'd like to sell your used car we can help you. If you are a busy professional and just don’t have the time to be bothered with everything involved with selling your car.  Perhaps you don't feel comfortable inviting people to your home. People in general shop by price, usually people shopping for used cars do not know what your car is or what the value is. Also more important,  the liability of someone wrecking your car or falling on your property...or who knows what type of wrong things that happen every day. You see these things on the news. Imagine winding up in court or something worse over selling your car....for a few extra thank you!  Try our smart car selling service.

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** IMPORTANT: This is our profession, all of our car buyers in the New Jersey- New York area are fully insured and bonded whether we are meeting you at your home or taking your vehicle for a test drive. We have our own insurance legally bonded, we have our own registered dealer plates and any transaction is our liability not yours! From the moment we arrive at your location we are insured.

Our company Cash4Carz is your advocate to get you the most cash for your used cars, used trucks, used vans.        

Our professional car buyers are waiting to assist you in selling your car, truck or van. We do our best so you'll use our business every time, not just one time your looking to sell a used car, truck or van

Cash For Cars New York, New Jersey

Common Mistakes to Avoid.

You can decide to just trade in your vehicle, believe the online pricing scam and after going through the entire process, realize you could have done better selling to us while having the right service come to your location and buy your vehicle for the fair market value. You can also pay fee's in repeat advertising online through various website ads to people who have no clue what your car is worth, waste your time and tell you they'll be there, only not to show up.

Then dealing with people who want their mechanic to look at your car first. Or the liability of having people wreck your car while test driving the car or truck your selling. Or perhaps someone gets hurt either driving your car or truck, then you wined up in court over selling your car? No thank you, you may even get thousands more dealing with our company we know what your car is worth, unlike the public. When you have your car listed in the local newspaper or one of the many online websites that buy and sell used cars for private people.

                The people at cash4carz know exactly what your car is worth. One of our professional, friendly staff is here to help you sell your car today! Our Cash for Cars-service has helped people use our mobile car buying service, every day easy cash transactions happen we connect with customers like no other cash for cars service can, we offer things like paying off your car, truck loan, waiting for you to receive the title, other used car buying companies don't buy cars without titles or car loans that aren't paid off, we do!

  You can have cash in your hand and your car out of your driveway ! Sell your car today. We have local car buyers in all 3 states, Cash for cars NJ, Cash for cars New York, including Manhattan, NYC,Long Island, Staten Island, Westchester county NY,  Rockland county NY,Queens NY, Bronx, Brooklyn. Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Your cash for cars service at your doorstep ready with your cash for your used car!

We buy cars trucks, vans  2007 & newer, We also buy nice running older cars, trucks, depending on some factors like re marketing car and truck values. We buy classic cars too.