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Our service takes away the guesswork, We provide a special catered Car Buying service that comes right to your location Anywhere in NJ & NY !

Sell Your Car, Truck or Van Today! We come to you or visit one of our locations. We buy your car in AS IS condition


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We provide all our customers in the Bronx, NYC with a safe, cash delivery service to sell your used cars, trucks, vans in the Bronx, New york. Make a call, and have a rep from cash4carz at your home, office, we will even meet you at your bank to make your cash transaction 100% safe and secure!  We have been buying cars, trucks, vans all over the bronx, nyc for over 31 years! Your business is important to us, we are here to help you sell your used car fast for cash simple, your 1 call or click away from selling your used car, truck or van in the Bronx, Nyc .

* Takes us only 15 minutes to buy your used car on the spot, we bring cash whether your cars price value is $2,000. or $60,000. perhaps your car is still being finanaced, we can pay off your car loan in minutes with you to insure your car loan was handled the right way and your loan has been paid in full !

                        Selling your car could be difficult in the bronx, nyc. Above all confusing, depending on who you deal with, can make all the difference in the world. Your business and your time is valuable to our company, we are eager to give you the very best service, this way you deal with our service again, every time you need help with buying or selling a used  Whether you get a offer of $1,000. from one company, then another company may offer you $3,000. Why such a big price difference?

         Some times people can be misslead in thinking the offer they get over a phone call is real. We can surely give you a estimate, but to give a exact price, we need to examine and test drive your vehicle in person.  Some car dealerships in the bronx, ny may waste your time in chasing a offer that never was real to begin with or dealing with a dishonest business, and people that don't care about lying to customers.

              Cash4Carz is a honest business, something unheard of in the car business world. What most people do not realize is that most free online advertising, the people who look at these ads online are the same car dealerships in the bronx who they're calling to sell their car, also shop for cars on free online car shopping websites ads like carsads, auto swapper  where you may run your free ad. Also keep in mind you may be under pricing your car, and not getting what your car is really worth when dealing with these cash for cars in bronx places.  When you need money ASAP and when you don’t want random and strange people appearing at your doorstep who want to not just examine your car, they also are suspicious why your selling the car, as well think nothing of asking you to take the car to their mechanic, this whole thing and going through all of these actions to sell your car online is not only a waste of time, but could cost you time and meeting the wrong people with the wrong intentions, they could seem nice over the phone, but in person things can change!

However, what IS a good choice and WOULD NOT be a waste of your precious time and money is the VALUE you will receive from giving Cash4Carz a call. It takes us less than 20 minutes to make a final estimate on your car. You will get cash on the spot, wherever you are, guaranteed. Let us come to you, we will even meet you at your bank!

    Most cars & trucks we buy are 2004 and NEWER. We buy older cars and trucks, based on condition, and whether we can re market the car your trying to sell to our car buying company in the bronx, New York.

      We’ve been buying cars in the bronx, NY for over 30 years – we’ve seen it all folks. We offer our customers the very best price and a one-to-one service that is unbeatable. After offering you the best price for your vehicle, reliability is the best thing we can offer you. There’s no fine print or hidden fees with us.


We also offer many things that other used car dealers in the bronx don’t give you. Check out $200. extra cash coupon.

Getting rid of your car, truck, or van should not be stressful, so leave it to the pros at Cash4Carz.



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