Serving New Jersey, New York, PA, CT Areas

Our service takes away the guesswork, We provide a special catered Car Buying service that comes right to your location Anywhere in NJ & NY !

Sell Your Car, Truck or Van Today! We come to you or visit one of our locations. We buy your car in AS IS condition


TEXT Details & Pictures and get a quote fast!

IPHONE USERS: 201.400.3563 or ANDROID USERS: 646.832.5748


Our Mobile car Buying Service is available in New Jersey and New York. For your convenience, we will come to the location of YOUR choice, and buy your used car, trcuk or van. There is no added fee for this service


                                         We are one of the very first Mobile Car Buying Service. What is a Mobile car buying service? A service you call when you want to sell your used car, We offer the best casual service a perfect easy service that goes to your home, your office-work place, we will even meet you at your local bank, takes us only 15 minutes to look at and buy your used car, truck, van for cash on the spot. Is your used car-truck still being finaced...No problem, no worries, we will buy your car and handle paying off your car loan, very quickly! Call today 800.573.2279. Whether your car price is $1,500. or $70,000. Wecan and will help you sell your used car-truck or van for cash today!

                  Our buyers are always out buying cars and trucks in different locations, in both New Jersey and New York. The fastest way to arrange selling your used car, truck or van is to always call before filling out our online quote form. By calling, you will always ensure the fastest and best service we can provide. We always have buyers on the road, with cash in hand, ready to buy your car, truck or van.

We buy any make and model car, truck, and any type van, from 1999 and newer. No need to clean up your vehicle, or repair any damage or mechanical problems with it, we’ll still buy it! *Please not, we do not buy junk cars.*
We have been in business for 30 years. We use concrete data from the top east coast auctions, when pricing your car, truck or van for sale. We have a high demand for used vehicles, as we have buyers for them from around the world. 
Most of our customers have stated they prefer our catered service, "We Come To You", both in New Jersey & New York. It is extremely convenient for our customers to have us come to them. We also have buyers at two locations as well. Please see our website,, for the listings. You will need to schedule an appointment either way. 
Thank you for reading about our company, and be sure call 1-800-573-2279, or visit us at!

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