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Our service takes away the guesswork, We provide a special catered Car Buying service that comes right to your location Anywhere in NJ & NY !

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                                             Today there are way too many ways to sell your used car which is a good thing because prices have to be competitive, we are very aware that you have many choices when it comes to selling your used car, truck or van. We are also aware of things that confuse people and people that get burned for a true value of what people are buying or selling when it comes to the car business. We can be your advocate in helpping you get the best deal, whether your buying or selling a new or used car.  Some car buying companies like cash4carz online will have you receiving multiple offers from various car companies. Some of them are online auctions. A lot of them charge a hidden fee for this service…hidden meaning you go through the whole process of giving your personal and vehicle information, only to get to the end of a online price quote request where they ask you for a credit card. At that point, even if you back out or click off that site, they still got your information!

                                    According to CarSnopeoes many of these companies have turned out to be scams, so you must always be careful when contacting them and giving your information. This is similar to when you shop online for an insurance quote. You put your information in, and then it connects you with multiple insurance companies. You then get bombarded with calls and emails, usually for a long period of time. Once they have your name and number, it’s all over. Most people don’t go for that because most of the offers you won’t even like. But you will have to deal with them calling and hounding you. Even after you choose a company, they will STILL call you months down the road, trying to get you to change your mind and choose them!
We are not one of those companies. WE buy your used car, truck or van from you; we do not give out your information to others. That is how people end up getting so much spam. The information you give us STAYS with us only. We do not give or sell you information to anyone. You deal with just our company, not numerous others.
Then there are companies that will buy your used car, truck or van, but YOU have to go to THEM…just as you would go to a dealership. They will examine your car, drive it, etc., and then make you an offer….then sometimes lowering it when it comes time to ‘sign the title over’. They also could encourage you to buy a vehicle from them, saying that they will give you more money if you do this. Most people do not want to do this. They are selling their vehicle usually because it may need mechanical repairs, body work, etc., and they do not want to invest in it. They may already have another car, or just want to use the cash to buy a new one.
Why go through the hassle of running an ad to sell your vehicle, then dealing with who knows who coming to examine your car? Then dealing with people who know nothing about what your car is nor have a clue about what your car is even worth, no matter how cheap your selling, people always want to negotiate.

                         By using our service it's just a simple call 800-573-2279. We’ll ask a few questions about the used car, truck or van you want to sell. Then we’ll give you a price quote right over the phone! And the best part? WE come to YOU to pay you CASH and pick up your vehicle. You tell us where to meet you, your home, office, we can even meet you at your local bank. In most cases we can be at your location in an hour. We’ll bring a driver, pay you cash, remove your license plates, we then put on our license plate on your vehicle and drive away! You don’t even have to get dressed, stay in your PJ’s! You never have to leave the comfort of your home to sell you car AND get a great price! We can even provide proof in our pricing of your used car or truck, this way you know you received the correct price for your car!  You won't find a better service in the greater new york- new jersey area then cash4carz!

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Thank you for reading this article and about our company. Have a wonderful day.