Sell your car in New York for cash today!

Live in New York, searching online to sell your car for the best cash price?

NEVER WASTE YOUR TIME ! No Lies, no Run Around!

  • Whether your cars value is $2,000 or $75,000. Whether your used car is financed and you still owe money or not, we will buy your car for cash in New York.
  • 20 Minutes to sell your car for cash on the spot, at your location anywhere in New York!
  • We Come to your location, saving so much time much more importantly hassle!
  • We will meet you at your local bank, your home or office in new York,,at a time that fits into your schedule!
  • No driving ANYWHERE! unless you prefer coming to one of our locations.
  • Easy cash for cars transaction at home or office, or we can meet you at your local bank, where ever your feel more comfortable and at a time that works for you!
  • Sell your car in AS IS Condition, no fixing anything, or cleaning, we buy cars running or not.
  • we buy any car-truck-van 2004 and newer we will also tow your car when you sell your used car for cash in New York if your car is not drivable.
  • No liability ever!  We are fully bonded and insured New Jersey used car dealers, used car buyers, your dealing with a professional service in New York State, serving all of New York, all 5 boroughs and westchester and Rockland county ect..
  • We offer a real price quote for the used car or used truck you are selling in New York
  • This is something that saves you so much time.

We buy Cars in New York State! Whether we buy your car or not, We can offer advice about the best way to sell your car truck or van in New York

This is what makes our cash for cars ny service different from other used car buying services.

We live and travel every day throughout new york, one of our mobile car buyers can get you a fair price for your car, truck, van. We provide proof in our pricing and used car price quotes we give to all our customers. We deal with new car dealers in New York and used car dealers in New York, wholesale and retail stores in Manhattan, NYC, Brooklyn,NY, Queens, New York, Bronx, New York, Staten Island, NY.   We also offer customer service in upstate new york, as well as Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk counties, we offer our "We come to you and buy your car for cash in New York State.

We Offer the very best cash for cars new york service you will find anywhere! One stop shop to buying and selling used cars, & new cars. The sell my car in ny service is a free, we can get you multiple offers from our network of competing used & new car buyers in New York that pay cash, and we offer a mobile car buying service in New York ( all of the state of new york) you also have the option of coming to one of many of our locations in the tri state area.


The best place in New York to sell your used car for cash!

                We pay most our customers cash for their cars, unless of course your vehicle is still being financed and you still owe money on your car loan. Whether you have a high Line luxury car such  a 2013 Mercedes, or a 2011 Lexus, Bmw, Jaguar or ford mustang, or chevrolet corvette sports car, whatever type of vehicle you need to sell, we can and are here to help you with buying or selling any car or truck.  Maybe you just want cash for your car that needs body work or mechanical work, or your car or truck has high or low miles. Just call us or click today, get cash for your car today, easy and fast. Our cash for cars service is the best way to sell your car for fast and a easy cash transaction. We pay our customers very fair true market value for their cars and trucks they need to buy or sell. Simply call or fill out our free quote form. Within 20 minutes we will either call or email you back. Need to sell your car today? Simply call us now, one of our professional reps is always here to help you. We can meet you at the location of your choice, We will come to you anywhere in New York State, cash for cars New York City, cash for cars Brooklyn, cash for cars Queens, the Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk counties, cash for cars Long Island, Staten Island. We're here to help you get cash for your car today, quick and easy. We will meet you anywhere that's convenient for your busy schedule at your Bank, Your Home, Your Office. or visit one of many cash for cars locations. Sell your truck, van or car today for the best cash price, and fast service in New York state.

Is your vehicle still financed? still owe money? - No problem, we can pay off your car loan within 1 hour or less. You will experience a very different service with one of our cash4carz reps, they will help you and walk you through every step of paying off your car loan. When we help a customer pay off their existing car loan, financed car or truck, we pay off your car loan with you, this way you have confirmation right then and there, while we are buying your car! No other cash for cars in NY, offers this service. Most new car or used car dealerships in new york, will tell you to hand all your paperwork for your car loan to the finance manager at any given car dealership, then you walk away thinking is that person going to handle my financed car loan correctly? Do your research online, you'll find many complaints from customers that trusted certain cash for cars dealerships as well as new car dealerships to handle paying off customers car loans, and never did!   Many of these cases we hear about online or on television reports of people's credit being ruined because they trusted a car dealership in new york to take care of paying off their financed car loan and the car dealer, new or used dealerships never paid off the people's loans. We pay off your car loan with you, during a 3 way call, you will get confirmation right then and there at the exact time of when your selling your car to our dealership. No guessing or wondering whether your car loan was paid for or not, we handle paying off your car loan perfect for every customer, for every car deal we make.

Need to keep your car while you go shop for a new car?

 No problem, let us come to you, give you cash for your cars, trucks, vans then when your ready, simply call us and we'll come back remove your plates help you with your paper work, and that's it you sold your car!

We get you the cash you deserve fast and hassle free. We provide a excellent car-buying service. Why drive all over town trying to sell your car? If you go to just one lot or just one local car dealer, you are only going to get one offer, provided they are even interested in buying your car.How do you know it is a fair offer or if you can do better? Our network of competing used car buyers without leaving the comfort of your computer, your home or your office, or you can meet one of our mobile car & truck buyers at your bank, or if you wish, bring the vehicle to our location, only after we make you the right offer, and get you the best price for your car, truck, or van your looking to sell in new york.

Here's a list of all the car brands we buy, most vehicles listed here qualify only if they are 2002 OR  Newer. We also buy 2001 and OLDER and  CLASSIC CARS......certain cars Like Acura, Audi, Bmw, Honda, Infiniti, Jeep.Lexus,Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru Toyota. These older vehicles we buy, because we can re market these older cars in New Jersey and New York. We buy classic cars in New Jersey, New York Please call  for more information, either way we can help you.

Thank you


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