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We live and travel every day throughout new york, one of our mobile car buyers can get you a fair price for your car, truck, van. We provide proof in our pricing and used car price quotes we give to all our customers. We deal with new car dealers in New York and used car dealers in New York, wholesale and retail stores in Manhattan, NYC, Brooklyn,NY, Queens, New York, Bronx, New York, Staten Island, New york. We also offer customer service in upstate new york, as well as long island, both Nassua and suffolk counties, we offer our "We come to you and buy your car for cash service"

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Sell your car for cash in new york today!

Whether you have a high Line luxury car such  a 2010 Mercedes, or a 2011 Lexus, Bmw, Jaguar or sports car, or just want cash for your car that needs body work or mechanical work, has high or low miles. Just call us or click today, get cash today, easy and fast. Fill out our free quote form. Within 20 minutes we will either call or email you back. Need to sell your car today? Simply call us now, one of our professional reps is always here to help you. We can meet you at the location of your choice, We will come to you anywhere in New York State, cash for cars New York City, cash for cars Brooklyn, cash for cars Queens, the Bronx, Nassau and suffolk counties, cash for cars Long Island,  Staten Island, We're here to help you get cash for your car today, quick and easy. We will meet you anywhere that's convenient for your busy schedule at your Bank, Your Home, Your Office. or visit one of many cash for cars locations. Sell a car today for cash.

Is your vehicle still financed? still owe money? - No problem, we can pay off your car loan within 1 hour or less.

Need to keep your car while you go shop for a new car?- No problem, let us come to you, give you cash for your cars, trucks, vans then when your ready, simply call us and we'll come back remove your plates help you with your paper work, and that's it you sold your car!

We get you the cash you deserve fast and hassle free. We provide a excellent car-buying service. Why drive all over town trying to sell your car? If you go to just one lot or just one local car dealer, you are only going to get one offer, provided they are even interested in buying your car.How do you know it is a fair offer or if you can do better? Our network of competing used car buyers without leaving the comfort of your computer, your home or your office, or you can meet one of our mobile car & truck buyers at your bank, or if you wish, bring the vehicle to our location, only after we make you the right offer, and get you the best price for your car, truck, or van your looking to sell in new york.

Here's a list of all the car brands we buy, most vehicles listed here quilify only if they are 2002 OR  Newer. We also buy 2001 and OLDER and  CLASSIC CARS......certain cars Like Acura, Audi, Bmw, Honda, Infiniti, Jeep.Lexus,Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru Toyota. These older vehicles we buy, because we can re market these older cars in New Jersey and New York. We buy classic cars in New Jersey, New York Please call  for more information, either way we can help you.

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