Sell your car in New Jersey

This is what makes us different from other used car buying companies

When you call Cash4carz, we are here to make this a great experience, whether we do business with you and buy your car or not, we are here to advise you your best option!  We tell you what you can expect in dealing with us. Providing you with the very best car selling experience is our goal. If Cash4Carz can’t buy your used car, we will tell you exactly how you can sell your car.

We are your car buying company in New Jersey, ready to help you whether your buying or selling a used car.  

We do NOT buy junk or salvaged cars or trucks.

Used car buyers in New Jersey are waiting for your call to help you with selling your used car, used truck or van. We offer you a catered service and we come and meet you at a location that's best for your schedule. We can meet you at you're local bank, your home or work place it only takes one of our reps 10 to 20 minutes to examine and buy your used car on the spot. We always pay cash for cars in New Jersey with the majority of our customers, unless your used car or truck is still being financed, then we can pay off your used car loan with a credit card and this doesn't take a long time. Call today to get cash for your car in New Jersey.

             We buy cars that are in perfect condition, with low miles; newer cars that may be 2008 to 2014 models.  The car you’re selling may need repairs, or maybe it has high miles? Maybe it needs body work? Or has a check engine light. We will buy your car in ‘as is’ condition. You will not get this from most car buying companies. Every one of our customers is given a receipt stating that we bought the car or truck in ‘as is’ condition.      

                           There is never recourse or any liability when you deal with Cash4Carz, something that exclusively offers our customers. We never back out of any car deal we make, we would never call you and bring up any problem your car has, once we make a deal with your car, your vehicle is sold and all the proper paperwork is all completed and the car is now our problem, not yours! We bought your vehicle in as is condition!


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